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A world of products to improve industrial processes.


Gefran is synonymous with quality in the design and production of sensors, components and systems for automation.


Gefran Products by Category

GEFRAN is a world leader in the field of industrial automation and process control solutions. GEFRAN designs and manufactures sensors, systems, electronic components and units for a wide variety of industrial markets.

Potenciómetros Gefran, Transductores lineales Gefran, Transductores de Presión Gefran, Celdas de Carga Gefran, Termopares Gefran, Sensores de Presion Gefran

Position Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Melt Pressure Sensors

Strain and Force Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Inverters Gefran, Inverters para elevadores Gefran, Servodrives Gefran, Servomotores Gefran

DC Drives

Servo Drives and Motors

Inverters for industrial applications

Invertes for elevators

Regen and AC/DC Power Suppliers 

Relevadores Gefran, Controladores Gefran, Indicadores Gefran, Pirometros Gefran,  GCube Gefran, Controladores de Potencia Gefran

Automation Plataforms

Panel PC-CPU

HMI Terminals

Power Controllers and Solid State Relays

Controllers and Indicators


GEFRAN develops multiple solutions, using materials with the highest performance and components of the highest technology.

Technical Support

Grawit Workshop is an Authorized Distributor of GEFRAN S.p.A. Italian company, leader in the field of automation components and industrial process control systems.


We have technical support for installation and training of operating and maintenance personnel.

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Soluciones Gefran para lineas de Inyección

Soluciones Gefran para lineas de Extrusión

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